Hiking in Brasov: Solomon’s rocks

One year ago, in October, I was looking for new places to discover in Brasov. I wanted to spend a relaxing weekend in the middle of the nature before the bad weather came (Tampa was not an option as I have already hiked the mountain). I found some information regarding Solomon’s rocks and I decided to go for it! And it was such a good decision!

Solomon’s rocks is an amazing place, perfect for spending a relaxing time in the nature, admiring its wild scenery and breathing fresh air. Also, there is a river that creates some small waterfalls and their sound is music for the soul – I loved it!

Solomon's rocks, Brasov, pieterele lui solomon

How to get to Brasov from Bucharest

You can travel by a private train to Brasov (as private trains are cheaper and offer better conditions, for ex. wi-fi, choosing the seats online. etc.)

How to get to Solomon’s rocks from train station

Once in Brasov, you should:

  • Take the bus 4 until Livada Postei
  • Take the bus 50/50B (Livada Postei – Podul Cretului). Enjoy the ride! The road to Solomon’s rocks is amazing as the bus crosses the picturesque narrow streets of Schei district.

 Tips! The bus will leave you at Podului Cretului, 15 minutes away from Solomon’s Rocks. The road until there does not have pedestrian sidewalks and unfortunately there is no sign to show the direction. You will know that you have arrived when you will see a parking (just cross it and you will find Solomon’s rocks).

Solomon’s legend

It is said that Solomon was a Hungarian king that was pursued by enemies. Trying to escape, he jumped over the valley and tried to escape while the enemies have died in the abyss.

What to do at Solomon’s rocks
  1. It is a place well known by local people especially for having picnics or grills (the place is arranged with rustic tables). This can be very unpleasant for a person who wants to enjoy the scenery and breath fresh air. However, don’t feel dissapointed if you will find the place full of people and grills’ smell. Just wander around, you will find more places less crowded and beautiful.

The first photo is from entrance – the grills’ smell was everywhere


Then, we found a quiet place:

Optimized-pietrele lui solomon brasov



2. Wander around (you can visit all the place in approx. 30 minutes)

The small waterfall – amazing scenery



Tips! The road is unpaved, so take care when choosing the shoes.



3. Hiking to Poiana Brasov (takes up to 2 hours)

The best period to visit

Anytime! This place is splendid and deserves visits all the time of the year.

We have visited twice: in October 2017  (we were lucky to find a very colorful landscape) and in August 208.

Solomon's rocks, Brasov, pieterele lui solomon

Solomon's rocks, Brasov, pieterele lui solomon

Solomon's rocks, Brasov, pieterele lui solomon



Trip cost

Train Bucharest-Brasov-Bucharest – 60 RON/person

Bus tickets (2 tickets):  4 RON/person/one way

Free entrance at Solomon’s rocks

Travel. Enjoy. Repeat.


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